Fighting Against School Mask Mandates

Preserving the Eighth Amendment Right to Freedom of Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Which Includes Being Free from Restraints. i.e. MASKS



National Civil Rights Law Firm files Class Action Lawsuit To Invalidate New York State School Mask Mandate

Website is launched,, to allow parents to join in the national effort

Sarah Jane’s Dad To Governor Hochul: “I’m not your apostle – DeMaskClass!”

NEW YORK, NY (Brain Injury Rights Group) October 15, 2021 – Sarah Jane Donohue’s father, Patrick Donohue, along with her legal team from The Brain Injury Rights Group, filed a federal class action lawsuit in the Southern District of New York, to challenge Governor Kathy Hochul’s statewide school mask mandate as unlawful on behalf of all New York State and New York City students and those with disabilities. In addition, a new website was launched,, which provides all of the details of the lawsuit and allows families around New York and the nation to join this national effort.

The 300+ page lawsuit outlines violations of the United States Constitution, New York State Constitution, federal and state laws and regulations. The U.S. Constitutional violations range from First Amendment violation of the Religious Establishment Clause (preventing the establishment of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s religious Humanist practice against the “science”) to Fourth Amendment (freedom of liberty) to Eighth Amendment (freedom from cruel and unusual punishment) to Ninth Amendment (freedom of parents to direct care of their children) to Fourteenth Amendment (due process). Federal laws violated include Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA stay-put), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (discrimination against disabled children), and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The New York State violations range from the right to an education to prevention of restraints on children to illegally adopting a statewide regulation without the state legislature’s approval.

Patrick Donohue stated, “I am not going to sacrifice my daughter, Sarah Jane, to the false Humanist prophets of Governor Hochul and Dr. Fauci! There is no science to support putting a mask restraint on school children throughout the school day and ample evidence it actually harms children. Sarah Jane was one of the first two students in the United States to return to school on May 4, 2020, in the middle of the pandemic in New York City and she has not worn a mask in school throughout the COVID-19 crisis! The response by Governor Hochul, Dr. Fauci and other Humanists will go down as the greatest child sacrifice in history due to adult fears!”

The lawsuit “Donohue et al v. Hochul et al” (Case 1:21-cv-08463) seeks a preliminary injunction to stop the continuation of the statewide school mask mandate. The Brain Injury Rights Group, is a national civil rights advocacy non-profit organization representing families across the country. For more information, please visit

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